Here’s to Fridays filled with good food, good friends and good conversations. ♥xx

Life Is Taft

As my classes kickoff at 8 am in a jiffy and wrap up at 6 pm sundown, I work around clothes that make me feel snug as a bug in a rug aka comfortable. During my downtime, you would see me bonding over chow and chuckles with my mentally strange Fags. :)) Here is how I spend a typical day in Taft, all dressed in pastel.  

Chatime’s Taro Milk Tea is my kind of heaven in a cup. 

"Best friends. They know how crazy you are and still choose to be seen with you in public." L-R: Me, Joy, Tey, Chum, Colz and Are 

If you’re from Taft and you haven’t tried Rap’s steaks, you’re definitely missing out. Porterhouse served off the grill plus a never ending pitcher of gravy. Need I say more?

Pampered Pigs reunited. Been missing you ever since you’ve shifted courses, Abbey. 

What I wore: Gray tank top [Bangkok], Coral denim skirt [Zara], Lavender lace cover up [Thrifted], Butterflies and branches necklace, Pastel flowers ring, Cream penny loafers and Coral satchel [Platinum Fashion Mall Bkk]