Spring Break Forever


Yes, you guessed it. Today’s fashion inspiration comes from Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. Although watching the film may have disturbed me to a certain extent, it undeniably got something spot-on- the girls and their get ups. You may think that they were stark naked during majority of the film but during the atypical times when they actually wore something, it channeled crazy, lazy, yet beautiful beach bums in my opinion. Timely enough, my own spring (summer!) has come upon me and so I seized my bikini, booty shorts and kicks for a sunshiny time out. Spring break forever, y’all.

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Lost At Sea


Nautical fashion or Seafaring Style as I would like to call it is not exactly something new but I still get delighted whenever I get invited to events with this dress code. Well, what’s more exciting than being able to wear a captain’s hat in public without wallowing stares, anyway? Costumey or not, here are some tips on how to incorporate the stylish sailor look into your closet.

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Frisky in Faux Fur


Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall- don’t you wish that the Philippines had four seasons instead of just two? I do. It’s simply more exciting to dress up in line with the weather. Lots of layers in the winter, stripped down to daisy dukes during the summer… but what to wear in between these opposing seasons, you may ask?

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Dress Up Doll


If there is one pop icon that I would never outgrow, it would most probably be Barbie. Not only has the dazzling doll taken over the toy stores, but she has also developed into a fashion muse for girls of all ages. Her signature style that is fun and feminine was the peg used to create this girly get up of mine. Now, I can’t wait to wear more looks inspired by Barbie herself!

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In Full Bloom

Back when I was still a little kid, I was fond of picking flowers and turning them into crowns. I would prance around feeling like a princess and I would show them off until they wilted. This season’s in-thing definitely brings back memories of my childhood, as floral crowns are having their fashionable fame these days. 

On to my ensemble, I went for floral on floral by donning this beautiful bustier dress thoughtfully sent by Love Humbly Shop. I love how its fit sculpted my positive features faultlessly, therefore producing a striking and slim silhouette.

My phone wonderfully went from Plain to Pizzazz, thanks to Shali’s delightful iPhone decal and Berry Couture's flower ear plug!

What I wore: Floral print bustier dress [Love Humbly Shop], Blue + Yellow flower crown and Red flower bracelet [Indiestructible], Neon Aztec necklace [Bubbles], Green and yellow braided bracelet [GQ by PinkCloset], Skull arm candy [YORK], Orange Striking Spikes bracelet [Awesomized], Pink and orange bracelet [Cotton Candy Accessories], Brown rhinestones bracelet [Sugar Town], Green Butterbaby bangle [Hailey and Five], Love connector ring [Wengski & Tomski], Pink Aztec ring [CoolCats Manila], Silver spiral flower ring [The Secret Shop], Gold pumps [Bangkok], Keep Calm and Sparkle iPhone decal [Plain to Pizzazz], Pink flower ear plug [Berry Couture], Nails by Nail It! Salon | Photos by Michael Nuqui

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Retro Kaleidoscope

Fearless geometrical lines, bold color combinations and a playful flaunting of shapes and patterns have taken the designer runway by storm. I decided to hop on the Aztec bandwagon by donning this trendy tribal print dress, thoughtfully sent by Naleigh. I adore how it simply shows that I’m having fun with fashion and how it is able to make such an impact on its own. 

Adding on natural accessories such as feathers and leaves put together a beautiful bohemian ensemble. 

Joining the (arm) party is twice as fun with these bright-as-can-be neon bracelets from Young Wild FreeMademoiselle by TiSh and Bedazzle Accessories! Merci beaucoup to Cat, Shayne and Tin for thoughtfully sending me these. :)

What I wore: Tribal Print Cut-out Dress [Naleigh], Denim utilitarian jacket [Singapore], Purple sunglasses [Random], Leaves and Coins neckpiece [Isotopes Manila], Violet Joy bracelet [Mademoiselle by TiSh], Braided fabric chain bracelet [Bedazzle Accessories], Orange Stud Strand bracelet, Tie Dye braceletsOrange Spike Braid bracelet and Gold House of Harlow inspired arrow ring [Young Wild Free], Gold Egyptian head ring [Chatuchak Weekend Market Bkk], Yellow and black clutch bag [What Women Want], Orange pumps [Parisian] | Photos by Dana Decena

How about you? Do you see yourself trying out the tribal trend? :)

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