I’ve always wanted to get my hands on Hello Kitty specs since I saw this on my Tumblr Dashboard. Imagine my thrill when I finally found one while roving around Bangkok! Yay for another item ticked off from my to-buy list!

On to my ensemble, I wore this on a random Tuesday in school. You’ve probably seen me wear these tassels, as well as the skirt regularly but I couldn’t help it as they’re very effortless to mix and match with.

What I wore: Red button down polo, Leopard bandage skirt, Chains and tassels necklace, Hello Kitty lenseless frames, Snake printed ring, Mickey Mouse ring and Brown foldable bag [Bangkok], White lace Jessica Simpson Dany inspired platforms [Nava]http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_le2gskgau51qev84m.png